You Dream We Design
Imagination to Creation

Wadke Associates is one stop solution for Complete makeover of your Space. We give solutions for your spaces and our design makes it beauty with not compromising the quality It is said " Home is where Mom is" .Women makes a place called Home .

Home is where we want Peace, Comfort, Relaxation . Everybody parts are linked with each other and are important, same as every small things at your home should connect to each other Living room to live those special moments with family Bedroom for Relaxation.

kitchen who himself will make you feel like cooking to Paint, Decor , Lights which gives glow to your perfect Dream home By understanding the client Requirements weather it is Commercial or Residential we Design every projects in creative manner .

Ar.Neelshardul Wadke
C.E.O of Wadke Associates

Wadke Associates started in 2013 , Slowly but Steadily he transferred small projects into big and good ones.

"You Dream We Design " He Believes , it's just not designing a house but by giving that joy and comfort which will touch clients heart.

This is his biggest happiness of making efforts in each projects by satisfying his clients. He believes every day teaches you new things and you get creative ideas and so he applies same excitement in his personal life as well.

He loves old stuffs and can make new creative things. He believes Space and Comfort is today tomorrow and should be forever.

The Awareness to Innovation.

Our Mission is to give person his Peace Comfort Happiness with Honesty,Respect and Transparency.

Mr Ashish Wadke
Vastu Shastra Consultant

Mr Ashish Wadke Consulting Vastu Shastra since ages now for  Commercial Vastu , Residencial Vastu , & Industrial Vastu.

Vastu shastra is a traditional Indian system of architecture which literally translates to science of architecture. Vastu Shastra helps us to make our lives better and will secure from things going wrong. Vastu can be used for micro as well as for macro level. Every creature on earth starts its life with sunrise as it performs day and night. Hence there is much importance of sun in every one life.

It is said that universe is composed of these five elements  Fire, Air, Water, Sky, and Earth.

An imbalance of energy can lead to natural calamities like   Earthquake, Flood, Tornatto, Twister similarly it can effect human health as well in many ways. Some of the ailments that are believed to have been caused due to this are blood pressure, digestive issues, anger, and even insomnia . Then, there are the other serious issues like marital discord, money problems, professional issues, etc.

Today, this science has been adopted not just in India but also across the globe. With the help of this science, one can utilize solar energy and earth’s magnetic energy

This can only be done by scientific vastu experts who are well versed with this science. Problems are part and parcel of everyone’s life and can impact us across any of our life stages from birth till old age , the root cause of the problems faced by individuals is due to improper flow of energy in the house of stay (owned or rented) or office premises. Each one of us can get connected to this energy once you are born with the help of directions.

Some Features that Made us Unique

Wadke associates made a home which i always use to visualize... A predict combination of luxury and coziness..

Amrut & Harshal Joshi (Client).

After finishing up my second year I thought that this was a great time to put my skills to the test. And I was able to land a full time internship with WADKE ASSOCIATES for the summer. There is no such thing as a typical day in the office! I am the only interior design intern and work with two other designers with my sir. so we each take on a lot of responsibility. This was the highlight of my internship experience and I really appreciated the opportunity I was given..... All thanks to wadke associates and neel sir.. And vijay talegaonkar sir for giving me this Opportunity......

Aishwarya (Intern).

It’s like i am living in Heaven My Dream Home Thanks to Wadke Associates and team M glad that i gave this project to the team who is so creative and hard working Thank you so much Ar.Neelshardul Wadke for making my Home like Heaven .

Harshad Sankpal (Client).

Indeed is a great place to work with excellent work balance, and a great corporate culture. Great atmosphere, leadership really cares about your development. Amazing growth opportunities. Family atmosphere.

Eshwari (Intern).

A Dream built to reality by Wadke Associates My Dental Clinic. Their dedication their commitment towards their project was way more than expected. I can't thank them enough. Received what was promised.

Dr. Kiran (Client).

It was great working experience with wadke associates, In third year i joined wadke associates for internship. It was tough in the beginning because it was my first internship. Neel sir has guided me very well, he encouraged me as well. I learned so many things from him. Thank you so much for the great experience

Siddhi (Intern).

We found wadke associates creatively unique, effective listener to ideas, bold to experiment with themes, vaastu guidance. This is evident in the unique designs in each rooms especially the living room, my daughter's room which was a pleasant surprise. They also went the extra mile to support us while this project was in progress. Great to be associated with wadke associates.

Kanchan and vinod (Client).

Wadke Association is a great firm I had learned a lot working with the design team .I had enormous amount of fun working for the short time I was there .Wadke Associates challenged me as a designer and allowed me to think in a new way

Kavya (Intern).

Thanks to WADKE Associates. and Team (Expectations VS Reality) beyond my imagination u'll have created my VILLA called VVC Special Thanks To Lion Ar Neelshardul Wadke for all your support Personally and Professionally (A Smart Man with a Brilliant Mind and Good Heart)

Khyati Thakar &Juhi Thakar (Client).

We met by chance & not by choice & this led us into a new journey of making things happen in our new home @Thane... I would like to Thank You very much Neelshardul for being so caring & understanding to capture each of our needs minutely & showcasing them in our new home making our dream home. It was really a very good experience to have you as a member of our family & make our dream home come true. Best of Luck for your future endeavors!

Sachin (Client).

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